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That viral video of a mob with swords is not from Bhopal, nor are they shouting against RSS.

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A video is viral showing a crowd holding swords in their hands and shouting slogans claimed as religious fanatics, with naked swords in their hands are shouting slogans to kill RSS and Hindu organizations.

Sudarshan News tweeted the video with following text which had 2700 Retweets

“पूरे भारत मे मज़हबी उन्मादियों का खौफनाक रूप सड़को पर.
नंगी तलवारों के साथ लग रहे नारे-
चड्ढा चड्ढी वालों को,
गोली मारो सालों को.

मौत का इशारा @RSSorg व अन्य हिन्दू संगठनों के कार्यकर्ताओं की तरफ.

@HMOIndia @AmitShahOffice @AmitShah @narendramodi @PMOIndia @naqvimukhtar”

Translation “In entire Bharat, religious fanatics are on the roads in dangerous way, With naked swords in hand they are chanting slogans – Kill the people with bullets who short pants, It directs towards RSS and other Hindu organizations”

The same handle is mentioned in the verified account of Suresh Chavhanke

“Suresh Chavhanke “Sudarshan News”Verified account @SureshChavhanke

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Sudarshan News has deleted the above tweet but their Facebook post with more than 5300 shares is still online

Screenshot of Facebook Post


Google Search result –

This is not the first time Sudarshan News published a Fake News, check this article in the end where we debunked their earlier one

Following tweet by Ritu has approx 2000 Retweets

“Horrifying! Watch “Nanga Natch” of peaceful Mob with swords in their hands shouting “Goli maron RSS walon ko” “Tabrez tere khoon se inqalab ayega” Imagine if Hindus had done done same shouting “Jai Shri Ram” Lutyen’s media would have gone berserk! where r we heading?”

Tweet by Dr. Jitendra Nagar had more than 1000 Retweets, He wrote the following –

“भोपाल मे सडको पर डरे हुए शांतिदूत @RSSorg के खिलाफ हाथो मे गंडासे और तलवारें ले के निकले है… इसमे एक अंतराष्ट्रीय षडयंत्र नजर आता है कि किसी भी तरह देश मे भय का वातावरण बने और विश्वमंच पक मोदीजी और भारत को बदनाम किया जा सके @chshekharbjp @rammadhavbjp @narendramodi @TarekFatah”




Yes, a mob with swords in hands makes one afraid, very afraid, and it’s strange how such huge numbers of lethal weapon is allowed in public as anything can go wrong in seconds ending in taking lives but this was a celebration.

The video is 2 years old, i.e. 2017. It’s celebration of Moharram in Dehri On Sone, Bihar, not recent from Bhopal as virally claimed.

This was uploaded on YouTube two years ago Nov 2017 claimed as of Moharram celebration in Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Below is the same video but of high resolution in which the audio is different. The announcer is asking people to proceed slowly “Dheere Dheere Badhte Rahiye”

You can see a comparison of both videos (viral now, and old one) below

You can see video but much longer i.e. 2 minutes + of the same celebration but from different camera/mobile of high resolution which clears the location. I’ts Barah Patthar, an area in Dehri On Sone, Bihar

The viral video has a board of Sudama Restaurant. it’s also in the long video next to which is a sign board “Barah Patthar”

Sudama Restaurant in the viral video –

Same restaurant in the longer video, with Barah Patthar Sign board

Barah Patthar Board

Sudarshan News last Fake News debunked


Sudarshan TV uses a photo of Bangladeshi activists of 2014 as Rohingya Criminals of 2017


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