Citizens vandalized Petrol Pump due to Hike in Price? It’s an old video, result of an argument.

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In the last week, a video of a petrol pump is getting viral across Social Media. The video contains footage where we can see people vandalizing a Petrol Pump. It is being said that the people vandalized the pump to protest against the rise in fuel price.


 A video is circulated on social media claiming that people are protesting against the petrol price hike and vandalizing the petrol pump. 

The video was shared by many individuals on various Digital platforms. The video has different captions stating that the people are losing their patience now and protesting against the price hike. In addition to this, the caption says “रावण राज में पेट्रोल की बढ़ती कीमतों से नाराज़ जनता का सब्र जवाब देने लगा है”  IT has the term ‘Ravan Rajya’ indirectly pointing and calling the current government a negative one.


By looking at the post we can easily understand how many times the video has been shared by Facebook users.



The same video was posted by another user with the same caption.






More on Facebook

Here we can notice that several Facebook users have posted the video recently linking it with protest towards the hike in price.


The Twitterati too took their Twitter accounts and began posting the video along with the similar caption.


The video is not by any means related to any recent protest taking place at any Petrol Pump. 

We began by looking for any recent protest that happened due to hike in petrol price and shockingly didn’t find any piece of information on it.

Furthermore, when we did the reverse image search through InVid, we found numerous videos of Petrol Pump vandalizing which were of the year 2018. We tried searching different keywords, this led us to News articles reporting the incident which happened in PURI, ODISHA. Several such videos have been posted on News portals and Youtube channels reporting the incident.

The actual incident took place near Medical Chhak, Kuntia Petrol Pump in Puri on 28th September 2018. On the petrol pump, a customer observed and complained that the staff of the petrol pump had dispensed less Petrol in comparison to the amount. This issue resulted in an argument further leading to vandalizing the petrol pump.

Various news channels had reported this incident to bring the matter to light and inform the citizens about the happening. Odisha Exclusive a YouTube channel created to disseminate news belonging to different types of beats had posted the video on their channel. The headline says “PURI PETROL PUMP RNSACKED”. Here we can see the full video clip of the incident.

The same incident was reported by KANAK NEWS a regional News channel of Odisha. The headline says “RUCKUS IN PETROL PUMP IN PURI OVER CHEAP QUALITY OF PETROL”

One of the individuals vandalizing the petrol pump even threatened the petrol pump staff by saying, he will throw a bomb on the petrol tanker parked near the pump for refilling purposes. OMMCOM NEWS is Odisha’s most trusted 24/7 English News Portal, had reported the matter, where the headline indicated that a major disaster has been averted.

Odisha: Bomb Hurled At Puri Petrol Pump Oil Tanker, Major Disaster Averted

The Video in 2018 too had been viral in the same false context of protest against the price hike. BOOMLIVE in 2018 did the fact check on the same and after talking to the police officials they reached the conclusion that the case was of petrol being pilfered.

Fake information is spread to such an extent that even when the factual news was out there were news channels publishing false information. For instance, Telugu News 18 posted the same video with the headline “People attacked petrol pump in Orrisa because of high fuel rates”.


Odisha Bytes a news dissemination platform had published an article to report the petrol pilfered incident.

The same video is now shared on social media sites under the false context of protest for increased fuel rates. The citizens are sharing it at large without thinking about the information, whether it is factual or not. Yes, there is a hike in petrol price for which the opposition parties and the citizens are raising their voices. Yet, no incident has been reported of protest at any petrol pump.

Sharing such videos or images under a false context can lead to the spreading of fake news. People believe in any fake information easily especially the ones consisting of conflict in them. Humans are interested in talking and sharing about conflicts, the word protest itself is enough to attract any user to read further and share the false information.

This is why it is very important for digitally advanced people to verify the information before posting it on their social handles. Verifying any image, message or video has now become handy as free software are available for public use. Still, people do not have the audacity to follow a few simple steps and find out the truth. Citizens should now make use of the software and try finding the factual news rather than being seized to fake news and information.



Chinmai Tiwari

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Chinmai Tiwari

Journalism student of Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, here to debunk the fake and reveal the truth.