Pakistanis are using an edited image, trying to prove video of Indian army destroying their bunker wrong.

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Retaliating to Pakistan’s violation of the ceasefire at LoC again, Indian Army gave a befitting reply destroying few of their bunkers. Few videos of the same action came online few hours later used by Indian media houses.
Following this, Pakistanis started calling one of the videos false, falsely claiming it to be last year’s from Syria. They used a supposed screenshot of a YouTube video showing June 2019, Syria in it’s title.

Trying to Prove Indian Army’s attack as false, they all used the following supposed screenshot as ‘proof’

Mubasher Lucman, a verified twitter handle, is currently on the top of anchorpersons index in Pakistan & specializes in Investigative Journalism. He currently hosts program Khara Sach.

He tweeted the image with following text
Fake video released by Indians yesterday. This is Syria last year. Khara Sach


Moeed Pirzada, CEO & Editor Global Village Space;TV Anchor at 92 News, prominent Columnist & Blogger –


Shahid Raza, Strategic Affairs Editor,@GVS_News,  Weaponologist, Geopolitics – FTD: SASSI,@CommandEleven, Katehon, @_Nervecenter, Sputnik, BBC, PTV, GNN, @FORCEmagazine”  quoted NDTV’s Vishnu Soms’ tweet with the video using the same image as proof and tweeted

Dear @VishnuNDTV @ShivAroor, it is recommended to do due diligence before posting videos that are either fake or falsely attributed. I don’t expect you to apologise for failing to verify your information, but do take corrective measures in public interest. Love – Shahid -“


A popular Pakistani Web portal also used the same

Many other Pakistani users tweeted the same

A twitter handle supporting Pakistani Defense –



A twitter handle, Facts Check, asked us to confirm the image believing in it is also being liked and retweeted



The Viral image being used by Pakistanis is edited digitally and their claim is Fake.

The image, they claim as proof is edited, the top part i.e photo of a structure is taken from yesterday’s real video shown by Indian Media

  1. None of the Pakistanis claiming it to be an old video from Syria gave the link of the video, they all used one image claimed as screenshot.
  2. All used exactly the same image, same fonts, same layout. If it was real, there could easily be different types of screenshots i.e. some taken on desktop, some taken on mobile (portrait mode), different font, different numbers of views etc.
  3. We found the original video with the date and heading mentioned in viral edited image, saw it frame by frame but couldn’t find the frame they claimed is from the video.
  4. We used InVid tool to check the video used by Indian media houses yesterday but couldn’t fine it to posted/uploaded anywhere before yesterday.
  5. The actual video has a logo on top right all along while the viral image doesn’t.

Two parts in the image used as proof by Pakistanis are different.

The image of the bunker (red border) is taken from the video used by Indian Media houses and we also couldn’t find it to be posted earlier.

The part of the header/title with no. of views and date/time (blue border) is taken from a different video of Syria which doesn’t have the bunker image at all.

Below is the actual video from which the bottom part i.e. title etc is taken which doesn’t have the image of the structure as claimed by Pakistanis, we have checked this video thoroughly, frame by frame but couldn’t find the frame being used by Pakistanis.

Here is a screenshot from the above video –

Below is the forensics of the image being used by Pakistanis which clearly shows it’s edited as can be observed from the difference of contrast in both parts, the video and the heading.


Further, an Indian Handle, Vikrant Rajput, tweeted photo of a man in uniform claimed as a Pakistani captain died yesterday has been retweeted approx 1000 times.



The man in the photo is not a captain but an actor in a serial.

He is Ahad Raza Mir in serial ‘Ehd e Wafa’


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