The viral petrol bill is fake, made from a sample image.

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A Photo is viral on Whatsapp which looks like a Petrol Bill. At the bottom of the bill, a sentence is printed
“If you want to reduce petrol price, don’t vote Modi again”

A popular singer, Caralisa Monterio tweeted the image with text “Hmm. I am agree.”

The supposed bill is of Date 4th Oct 2018

This was questioned to SMHoaxSlayer on twitter.



It was obvious from the first look that it’s edited and fake.

There are a lot of discrepancies on the bill.
– The size of font of date ’04/10/2018′ is smaller than time ’10:17′
– In Bill No. font of ‘1345’ is thicker than the 0s

Again the font of 88.47 is different at all the places and event the shade of black is different too

Further the fonts of the scentence is completey different and not correctly aligned to the above contents

SMHoaxSlayer tried to search for the petrol pump for confirmation as mentioned in the bill but couldn’t find any.

Further, the original/source photo was found from which the fake one was created

The above is just a sample image used by many manufacturer/supplier/trader of POS Billing machines.

SMHoaxSlayer confirmed them and they said, they use it just as sample and there is no such Petrol Pump with the same name in the given location.

Following are the screenshots from the websites of the manufacturer/supplier/trader

So someone downloaded the sample image from the net and edited it.

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This was posted in a Facebook group Nation Wants to Know by Shankar Ganesh

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