A Bengali newspaper headline photoshopped to portray Mamta Banerjee as Hindu hater

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A photo-shopped image of a Bengali news paper headline has gone viral on social media. The photo-shopped headline mention in Bengali “42 seats amaye din kibhabe Hindu ke kadate hoy dekhiye debo”

English translation: “Win me 42 seats and I will show you how to make the Hindus cry”.

Madhu Purnima Kishwar tweeted this edited image with a question “Is this for real? Mamta says give me 42 seats and I will show you how to make Hindus cry!”

Being a usual Fake News maker, this tweet of hers, had 1640 retweets. The self proclaimed Factarian ironically prefers posting Fake News, a part of which is at the end of this article

Archived version

Another facebook post of the photo-shopped headline of Bartaman newspaper




SMHoaxslayer opened the official website of BartamanPatrika.com. Here after a search it was found that the article of Bartaman was published on April 30,2019.

The headline mentions in Bengali “Give us 42 seats and we will show you how to shake up Delhi.” said Mamata Banerjee.

After that SMHoaxslayer carefully looked at the word font and found that the photo-shopped words font size are bigger than the other words and they are not in perfect alignment . The font, size and color of the words “হিন্দু (Hindu)” and “কাঁদা তে (cry)” do not match the words in the rest of the sentence.

On closer look you can find the difference in color i.e Shades of black and smoothness or crispness of the fonts



Screenshot of Bartaman news paper story:

The All India Trinamool Congress too has claimed that BJP is trying to distort the Bengali newspaper headline to portray Banerjee as a Hindu hater.

“Some people photoshopped the headline of Bartaman newspaper to portray me as a Hindu hater. BJP has become a fake party. They are shameless and desperate. They do not have the courage to tell the truth:

Here is the twitter link of AITC :

The Bengali Newspaper also cleared it

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