Did Hindustan Times publsih a news that Shah Rukh Khan was denied citizenship of Canada ?

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A fake newspaper clipping of Hindustan Times claiming that Shah Rukh Khan @iamsrk has been denied Canadian citizenship has went viral on social media. People are posting the fake news paper clipping and claiming that Shah Rukh Khan’s Canadian citizenship got cancelled due to his connection with terrorists and involvement in suspicious activities.

An Akshay Fan tweeted

SRK’s British citizenship got rejected 1st.
Then Canadian Citizenship.

“Detaining at USA Airport multiple time bcs USA has special tracking system if someone gets/sends call from/to terrorist/Dawood.@smritiirani @narendramodi pls investigate on these incidents.@squintneon”


Here is the link of the tweet that posted the fake newspaper clipping

So applied for Canadian citizenship and got rejected due to his connection with terrorists and involvement in suspicious activities His applications for British and French also got rejected when he applied later on And his hypocrite dotard fans are mocking others lmao

Another tweeter user who posted the fake newspaper clipping


The claim mentions “Canadian ministry of immigration rejected the application of citizenship applied by global bakra @iamsrk . Jab America me chaddi utar rha tha toh isne European and North American countries ke citizenship ke liye bahut bhikh maange but sabhi jagah Sirf laatein hi padi h”



This viral image is created using a website fodey.com which looks like a real news clip. You get many options to customize like you can choose the name of the newspaper, date, headline and contents.

SMHoaxSlayer make a simple google search and tried to found out that whether any articles have been published in the original newspapers mentioning that Canadian passport of Shah Rukh Khan has been cancelled . However no such articles was published .

Few Shah Rukh fans replied to the viral tweet using the same tool


Although on August 12, 2016 Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was detained for the second time while trying to enter USA.
Here is the link of the Wall Street Journal which published the news

Here is the tweet of ShahRukh Khan on 11 August 2016.

Prominent personalities like Paresh Rawal and RBI Governer Gurumurthy tweeted a news clip look alike using the same template falsely claiming Rahul Gandhi was detained at airport for possession of drugs

A fake, digitally created Newspaper clipping is being spread by prominent personalities.


The same tool was used 3 years ago to spread fake news against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal claiminjg he raped a girl in IIT being drunk in 1987.



SMHoaxSlayer also used the same website to create a satire.


There had been many such fake news related to Shah Rukh Khan ealrier


Did Shahrukh Khan donate 45 crores to Pakistan burn victims ?

A news that wasn’t ? @Google won’t forget. @iamsrk to bite @Apple ?Β 

Politically photoshopped Sharkukh !


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