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No, Gautam Gambhir didn’t use a lookalike to campaign for him

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An image showing BJP Loksabha candidate Gautam Gambhir sitting inside a vehicle and a person waving hands from above went viral with the caption Gautam Gambhir has hired a duplicate to stand and campaign for him in the heat of Delhi. The claim went viral on social media.
Here is the link of the tweet with a misleading claim


The claim mentions: “जो गर्मी में अपने लिये ही प्रचार के लिये खड़ा नहीं हो सकता, वो दिल्ली की झुग्गियों में रहने वालों के लिये कैसे काम करेगा?
@AamAadmiParty के नेता धूप में जनता के बीच जा कर अपनी बात रख रहे हैं, आप ऐक्टिंग तो करिये। @GautamGambhir”

English translation:
How will it work for the slum dwellers of Delhi who cannot stand for themselves in the heat of the Ministry?
@AamAadmiParty’S leaders are moving in the sun and making their point, you’re on the go. @GautamGambhir
#Delhi #GautamGambhir @msisodia @AtishiAAP

Aam Admi Party candidate and deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia also tweeted the same photo and claimed that both Congress and BJP have joined hands . Gautam Gambhir has used impersonator for campaigning.

Here is another tweet claiming that Chowkidar Gautam Gambhir hired a duplicate to stand for him in the heat and campaign for him



Left – Gautam Gambhi sitting inside the vechicle
Center- Gaurav Arora standing on top
RIght – A photo of Gambhir from Google

While Gautam Gambhir indeed was sitting inside the vehicle, the man who was greeting the crowd from above is Indian National Congress candidate (MCD 2017) Gaurav Arora.

A point worth noting here is, if the viral claims were true, how can he be in the car along with his clone on top, any one can catch immediately.

Further you can see a guy was taking photo of the man sitting in the vehicle, not on top who knew the difference.

He tweeted “CM Arvind Kejriwal and Atisihi will fall upto this level, I’m ashamed. More power to Padmashri Gautam Gambhir”

Gaurav Arora’s affidavit also states that he contested the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in 2017 from INC. Gautam Arora is presently the manager of Gautam Gambhir.

Here is the link of the Myneta.info where he his affidavit has been uploaded.

Gambhir, however, rubbished the allegations, saying that AAP has been rumour-mongering in the face of “certain defeat”. “Face with a certain defeat, AAP finds a fixation everyday, this time they found my clone!!” he tweeted.
Here is the tweet of Gautam Gambhir


SMHoaxSlayer contacted Gaurav Arora . But he did not pick up the call. The story will be updated once we get a reply from Arora.
Rajiv Babbar BJP leader in charge of East Delhi said “Gautam Gambhir felt uneasy for few minutes and that’s why he sat inside the car. In the image it was clearly seen that Gambhir was seating at the front seat. Arora is campaigning for Gambhir and as Gambhir sat inside the car , Arora was seen greeting the crowd. If Gautam Gambhir
was not present inside the vehicle we could have considered it wrong but in the present case when he was visible for all to see, I feel it’s just one more controversy by opponents”.



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