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Did Pakistan Shoot Down Its Own Aircraft?

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After the devastating Pulwama attack, many fake videos, photos and articles have surfaced online to fuel anti-Pakistan/anti-Kashmir sentiments. One such article doing the rounds on social media has the headline ‘Out Of Fear, Pakistan Army Mistakenly Shoots Down Its Own Aircraft’.

The report claims “After the Pulwama terror attack, Pakistan is constantly living in the fear of India’s revenge. The country is under a tremendous panic mode and that is evident from its actions. Imran Khan claims that he’s ready for war and that Pakistan shall retaliate in case India attacks them, which clearly shows that both Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army is a spending sleepless nights. However, the fact that Pakistan is panicking got further established when the Pakistan Army shot down an aircraft, which was its own.

It goes on to claim that a Pakistani aircraft was hovering over LOC (Line of Control) to keep track of movements made by the Indian army, and was shot down by the Pakistani army who mistook it for an enemy aircraft.


The same article was posted by a news website called Dailyhunt (formerly News Hunt), which says that the post was put up by a Facebook page called ModiNama. The post carries a screenshot of an article uploaded by a website called TheFauxy, earlier known as FaultNews.


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The Truth:


The website from which the article was taken, TheFauxy, posts satirical content, which is not meant to be taken seriously. The website has a disclaimer at the bottom, clearly stating that the articles posted on the website are fictitious.


The image although is genuine but happened in Belgium last year, 12 OCT 2018

F-16 jet utterly destroyed in £35million airbase gaffe after another fighter plane accidentally opens fire on it

One person was hospitalized with hearing damage after the loud explosion at the Belgian air base in Florennes

A £35million fighter jet may has been destroyed and a second jet riddled with bullets when someone in a parked F-16 accidentally opened fire.

The F-16 Falcon jet – which was filled with 10,000 litres of kerosine – exploded as a result of the bullets’ impact, according to reports in Belgium.

A second adjacent F-16 was damaged in the incident, which happened at the Florennes air base, 60 miles south of Brussels.

A large plume of black smoke was seen coming from the air base as a result of the explosion, and a rescue operation was launched.

The Belgian Air Force said that the plane had burned during maintenance work.


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