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Video claiming bodies of coronavirus patients being dumped in sea is a clip from 2014

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A video has been circulating on social media, especially Whatsapp and Facebook, falsely showcasing how some countries are dumping bodies of COVID-19 patients in the sea.
The video shows a bunch of dead bodies washed ashore on a beach. It is shared on various social media platforms with the following claim:
“Some countries throw #COVID19 infected dead bodies into the seas. Advice to stop eating seafood. The World is really coming to an end. Dear God, please intervene. (sic),” the post reads.




By using a reverse image search through a keyframe of the video, an assortment of links came up and one of them directed us to a video where bodies of many African migrants were shown floating in the water and lying dead on the sea while crossing the Mediterranean sea.

The original video is posted on Youtube under the channel name “EuroNews”. This report was made live on 28 August, 2014 when dead bodies of migrants were found washed ashore the Libyan beach. More than 100 people were saved and it is said that these were from a shipwreck which took place near this beach at the sea.


This video is 6 years old and was originally published in 2014. The latest claim stands false which states that the video demonstrates that dumped in sea are the dead bodies of COVID-19 patients.

Kashish Arora

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