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Last year’s video of lockdown restrictions announced by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is circulated falsely this year.

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This particular video is falsely shared across  the platform of WhatsApp claiming that the lockdown is extended till 31st August 2021.


The Video


This viral video is of last year when we were going through the first wave of the Covid Pandemic.

We did reverse search of few Screen Shots taken from the videos and we found out that this is last year’s Video.


We found out a tweet of a current MLA and an ex Minister of West Bengal Government, Mr Madan Mitra confirming the dates.

Here we can see the official order issued by the Government of West Bengal regarding the lockdown restrictions.

This was live on Facebook on 28th July 2020 i.e. last year

We found the original video posted from the Official page of Mamata Banerjee.


This video is last year’s and not this year’s as this is falsely claimed and went viral across all the WhatsApp groups.

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Souvik Saha

Journalism Student of Symbiosis.