The 4 Year old Marwan was not ‘migrating’ alone !

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One can’t actually be blamed for being fooled when it comes to emotions. On Social Media we are always ready with emoticons and words full of emotions like “heart breaking” when we come across photo/video which seems so.
This photo is viral ‘again’ stating this 4 year old kid was found alone by UNHCR Team migrating from Syria to Jordan with a plastic bag in hand which had clothes of his dead mother and sister.

The world woke up to this heartbreaking photo of 4 year old child who is migrating from Syria to Jordan. The UNHCR team caught up with him when he was migrating alone in the desert from Syria to Jordan. The only thing he had in his paper bag were the clothes of his mom and sister, who were killed in Syria…


Truth –

The truth actually is, the kid’s name is Marwan and being slow he was left behind a little from the Refugee crowd including his family and met his Mother/family later so the bag didn’t have clothes of dead mother as fake news says.
“Here 4 year old Marwan, who was temporarily separated from his family, is assisted by UNHCR staff to cross

The man, Andrew Harper, who first tweeted the photo in Feb 2014 i.e 4 years ago claims to be “Former UN Refugee Agency Rep in Jordan, love all things innovative, now Director of Program Support & Management for UNHCR. Despise long meetings & pessimism.
Geneva, Switzerland, unhcr.org”

He specifically said “Temporarily Separated” while the photo became viral that year and many media houses too fell for it, claiming him to be alone.

On learning that wrong message became Viral, he clarified too


This was clarified by mainstream media houses too –

News.com.au reported

“How UNHCR worker Andrew Harper’s tweet of Syrian refugee boy went viral for the wrong reason

IT WAS a picture that broke hearts around the world. A little boy, carrying a plastic bag, lost in a desert while escaping Syria. But all is not as it seems.


NewsComAu February 19, 20145:46pm

IT WAS a picture that broke hearts around the world.

Taken by a UNHCR worker on the Syrian/Jordanian border, the picture showed a boy carrying a plastic bag looking lost, desperate and seemingly alone in the desert.

And like all amazing pictures it soon swept across the internet, but not all was what it seemed.

As it turns out the boy, named as Marwan to protect his identity, was actually never abandoned or alone — he had simply became temporarily separated from his mother in the rush to cross the Syrian border into Jordan.

So how did this picture end up going viral?

Shortly after posting the picture taken near the Hagallat boarder crossing by Jordan’s UNHCR head Andrew Harper, it was picked up under the hashtag #syria.

CNN anchor Hala Gorani posted the picture, revealing her own heartbreak about the boy’s desperate situation.

Her post gained plenty of sympathy and retweets from across the Twittersphere, who agreed it was indeed heartbreaking.


Mr Harper quickly clarified that the boy wasn’t alone for long and wasn’t lost.

Mr Harper said Marwan had temporarily become separated from his family in the chaos of the mass refugee crossing and was soon safely reunited with his mother after being carried across the Jordanian border.

The UNHCR worker went on to explain that in every mass refugee crossing, it’s often small children, the elderly, sick, and pregnant who fall behind the main groups, and that both UNHCR staff and Border Guards looked out for these refugees in particular.

Ms Gorani later clarified that the boy had been reunited with his mother and wasn’t lost.

But the CNN journalist’s first tweet ended up being retweeted thousands of times compared to a couple of hundred for Mr Harper’s original post.

Year 2014 –

This Year –


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3 thoughts on “The 4 Year old Marwan was not ‘migrating’ alone !

  • Muhammad Mansoor baig

    What a cruel game playing world with Syrians….bombing by USA, Russia,Bashar ul Asad, israel and Iran but funny most also deputed UNHCR team to show helping Syrians… In fact these are CROCODILES who attacks on poor animals and look like to innocent face……My foot

  • Why can’t the orphan kids be sent to countries where people can adopt them and give them good life?

  • Who cares if the original message was somewhat misleading??? How does it make the situation any less sad?! People should still be doing everything they can to help him and all the other refugees as best as they can!

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