False claim saying 300 Sadhus tested Covid positive due to sharing Chillum viral

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Amidst this pandemic, a news of 300 Sadhu’s testing Covid positive in Jaipur after sharing a chillum with an infected person has swept social media. This claim is being circulated in form of news clipping and a short video.


Recently Facebook and Twitter became viral with people widely sharing the following post which claims that 300 Sadhu’s got tested covid positive after sharing chillum with an infected Sadhu.


The following post was shared on Facebook by ‘Aabid Kpd’ on May 3rd and has 509 shares.


This was again shared on Facebook by ‘Md Minhajul Haque’ on 2nd May and has 590 shares.




This video was tweeted by ‘Arunima’ on 28th April and has 1.3k views and 179 retweets.



This has the link to the Patrika News article which has been taken down now


This was uploaded by ‘Arshad Iqbal’ on May 3rd.

The following video also got viral along with the newspaper clipping





This post was uploaded by ‘Sk Faiz’ on May 3rd and has 685 views and 179 shares.



Patrika, the Media House from which the video was taken and article posted, has been taken down

300 Sadhu’s were not tested covid positive after sharing a chillum in Jaipur.

The following news was verified by the Press Information Bureau, Rajasthan.


According to the District Collector, Jaipur, there is no veracity of the published news and no such incident has taken place as tweeted by PIB.

The following fake news was also busted by NewsMobile and Facthunt.



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