Did dancers perform to “Sandeshe aate hai” in America’s got Talent ?
Yet another Whatsapp scam, this time in the name Paytm cash
Is Vijay Mehta really supplying medicines at railway stations without extra cost?
Was Arvind Kejriwal really drunk in the viral video ?
A video from Bangladesh is viral as violence in India as voting results.
Did Shahrukh Khan donate 45 crores to Pakistan burn victims ?
No! Bricks for the proposed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya WERE NOT USED to build a gutter
Yet another WhatsApp scam, this time in the name of free t-shirt from Reliance Jio
No! Sachin Pilot did not blacken Narendra Modi’s face!
Did a Chinese army officer thrash a Muslim Uyghur for owning the Quran?
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