Did Share Bazaar display ‘Don’t vote for Modi” on it’s ticker ?
Morocco’s road is viral as Four Lane Road made for Chardham Yatra by PM Modi.
A fake, digitally created Newspaper clipping is being spread by prominent personalities.
Photo-shopped Crowd in photo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s event.
This man who campaigned for BJP is not Wing Commander Abhinandan.
Photoshopped image of Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and others sitting behind Imran Khan went viral
A poor image editing in an ad puts Rahul Gandhi in a soup of mystery.
Gujarat Youth Congress replaces Indian Flag digitally with their own.
No, it isn’t a Congressmen beating a Sub Inspector, but is a BJP Councillor.
No, Chaiiwala signboard does not have Abhinandan’s face painted on it.
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