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This ‘Meow’ Cheeta from the viral video is not the one out of the eight cheetas brought in from Namibia.

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A huge furore created by 8 Cheetas brought in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh from Namibia has lead to many misinformation floating on social media.

A small video clip of a Cheeta purring “meow” like a cat is also viral with many established media houses claiming it to be of one of the Cheetas brought in yesterday, while few others/politicians are making joke out of it.

National President of Samajwad Party and 20th Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, UP, Akhilesh Yadav tweeted the video with the following text –

सबको इंतज़ार था दहाड़ का… पर ये तो निकला बिल्ली मौसी के परिवार का

Translation: Everyone had been waiting for a roar but this came out to be from cat family


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This viral video is not of any of the eight Cheetas brought in from Namibia yesterday nor is the video taken yesterday. The video is at least 10 months old and is of siblings Lavani and Kitu Cheetas


Complete Video of the brothers published in Nov 2021-

Cheetas, Lavani and Kitu are brothers in Minnesota, US


In April of 2021, The Wildcat Sanctuary welcomed 11 year old cheetah brothers, Kitu and Lavani.

Our first priority is, and has always been, rescuing privately-owned wild cats in need.  But when we have available habitat space that isn’t currently being used by our rescues, we’re happy to help other exotic cats who would benefit from life at our sanctuary.

These elderly cheetah brothers were retired from an AZA-accredited zoo where they were part of the Survival Species Plan (SSP), an international program which ensures the survival of certain species which are threatened or endangered in the wild, and needed a permanent retirement home.

Life at the Sanctuary

While Minnesota may seem like an odd choice for a retirement home for a species that lives in warm climates in the wild, our sanctuary is the perfect choice because we specialize in individualized geriatric care through our Comfort Care Program.

With our temperature-controlled indoor areas, free-roaming habitats and onsite veterinary care, we’re well suited to give these bonded brothers the off-exhibit retirement they deserve.

Since individualized care is at the forefront of everything we do, we will also be adding more covered and heated outdoor areas so these brothers will be comfortable year-round.

Kitu is 11 years old. He’s easy to tell from his brother since he has an “Elvis lip.” The left side of his mouth curls up.

He settled in to his new life at the sanctuary as if he’s always lived here. How amazing to see him enjoying the large natural habitat we prepared for him!

Whether it’s catnapping in the shade under the trees, or chatting with his new neighbors, he’s just as comfortable as can be. Who said cheetahs are high strung!

It’s very different hearing cheetahs vocalizing and we love that new sound from him and his brother. They’re both very social and love talking with their caretakers. We’re so happy for them, seeing how much they feel perfectly at home now…for the rest of their days.


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