The viral scheme with name “Ek Parivaar, Ek Sarkari Naukari” is fake.

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Every day, social media is loaded with a significant amount of information, shared by its users.  The information disseminated on these sites isn’t always fully factual.  All the details shared on these sites carry fake news at large, as people do not verify before forwarding them.

If there is any news regarding the Indian government and PM Modi, people begin sharing it blindly. Thus, leading to sharing of fake information at large. There is a claim getting viral that says, The government is providing government jobs to one family member, to curb unemployment in India.


“EK PARIVAAR, EK NAUKARI” the government of India has proposed a new yojana to curb unemployment. As per the Yojana, one family member is entitled to get hold of a Government Job. The Yojana will help to decrease the unemployment rates of the nation. 

The claim has been posted by several pages and individual account holders. By observing the caption or the images posted by them we can understand that they are happy with the yojana, as it is opening doors towards a better and secured future. The post claim that illiterate people can avail jobs up to 18,000 INR, 8th pass people are eligible for job worth 28,000 rupees and 10th pass individuals can secure jobs up to 32,000 INR.






A video was viral, on social sites giving details about the Government scheme. The video was initially posted on YouTube, the some was then posted by users on Facebook. The post was later deleted by the individual when he came to know the scheme doesn’t exist in reality.

The archived version of the post can be accessed here.


The post urges people to people fill the Ek parivaar Ek naukari form, especially if the person of the family is sitting unemployed.  The post even provides a link to fill the form, it gives a glimpse of how much money an individual can make as per their qualifications.


Furthermore, people tried to promote the scheme by updating the Cover Photos of their IDs. This act helps us to understand the depth of the matter, that how easily people accept such false information and begin spreading it through various means.







This piece of information is fake. There is no such ” EK PARIVAAR, EK NAUKARI” yojana made by the Indian Government for citizens. The claim is false and is baseless as the government hasn’t released any statement on the same. 

The chain of this fake information started when a YouTube channel SARKARI GURU uploaded a video informing about it. The page owner made this video right after the Sikkim government made a decision of providing govt.  job to one family member to curd down the unemployment within the state.

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in 2019 launched the “One Family, One Job” scheme for the citizens. The scheme provides employment to an individual member of the family. This decision was made for the betterment of the people, to support the citizens financially, and also to boost the employment rate of the state. CM Pawan passed the scheme to curb down the increasing unemployment within the state. INDIA TODAY had published an article to inform the people bout the same.

The news was debunked in the year 2020 by fact-checking sites. Adding to this, PIB in March 2020 had clarified that the government of India has not announced any scheme and no forms have been made available by the government to avail the Yojana.

AAJ TAK the most-watched Hindi News channel in India had debunked the claim back in November 2020.


But people have already made their minds to accept fake news. Consequently leading to the propagation of fake information swiftly through social media.i5



Videos are still made about the scheme, to help people understand where and how to fill the form to get employment from the scheme.

The above videos have been posted one week ago and two weeks ago respectively. This is evident enough to tell us how much people have faith in fake news.

Recently the Press Information Bureau had again debunked the claim of EK PARIVAAR, EK NAUKARI yojana. They again made it clear that the Indian Government is not planning to launch any scheme at the moment. The claim is false in nature and the government has not released any official announcement claiming the scheme.

Fake News has become a trend in India, where people believe fake information is a datum. People have developed a habit of falling prey to information lacking credibility. The PIB had already debunked the claim in 2020 yet in 2021 it had to do the same. This tells us to what extent people are lacking in verifying false information. Even though the news has been debunked by several online news portals, fact-checking sites, and PIB themselves, still people are not aware of it.

The citizens need to understand that social media is not a platform just to spread fake news, cringe content, or memes. The new media can also be used as a tool for receiving factual information and data on a particular matter. People should now start using social media as a tool to get informed and aware about certain aspects to boost their knowledge and to safeguard themselves from falling prey to the Fake News trend.


Chinmai Tiwari

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Chinmai Tiwari

Journalism student of Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, here to debunk the fake and reveal the truth.