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The circular prohibiting protests, strikes in Parliament campus is not new, it dates back to 2001

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A photo of a circular prohibiting acts like protests, strikes, religions ceremonies etc. in  Parliament campus is viral with prominent people calling it to be new.

The circular says “Members cannot use the precincts of the House for any demonstration, Dharna, Strike, Fast, or for the purpose of performing any religious ceremony.”

AAP’s Sanjay Singh tweeted –

संसद का नया फ़रमान, सांसदों का है अपमान।
Translation – “The new decree of the Parliament is an insult to the MPs.”



Congress’s Jayram Ramesh tweeted –

Vishguru’s latest salvo — D(h)arna Mana Hai!



NDTV also claimed prohibition this to be new –




This prohibition of protests, strikes etc in Parliament precincts is not new.

Source: Rajya Sabha Offical website




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