Why Kiran Bedi ji doesn’t ever stop to amuse us with fakes ! Check all here.

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After months, once again Kiran Bedi Ji amused us with a Fake News.
Today She tweeted a video of an old woman dancing to music as

“Spirit of Deepavali at tender age of 97. She’s mother of @narendramodi (Hiraben Modi -1920) celebrating Diwali at her own home @SadhguruJV

This video was quite viral on WhatsApp because of the obvious reason, Such an old lady, where usually old people have weakness, sick and are in pain, enjoying garba.

Kiran Bedi claims her to be Mother of PM Modi Ji, Mrs. Hiraben Modi dancing on Diwali.

The video was viral and was uploaded on Youtube on 3rd Oct (Garba season), and if it really was true, Internet would be flooded by now

She later tweeted an apology but you can find out the effect from the diffrence of number of likes and retweets in Fake tweet and apology. The same happened last time in the case of Paresh Rawal

The Fake reaches widely as it sounds good but truth doesn’t.

The usual Fake News peddler Laughing Colors also posts it


And the reason this apology doesn’t much matter as she is prone to Fake News.

She has tweeted Fakes few time earlier and were debunked too here

This year on republic day, Burj Khalifa was lighted in Indian Tricolor. Inspired from which a design company went further and photoshopped Many monuments etc world with in tricolor.

She tweeted it considering it to be true


A Image looking like PMO’s letterhead was floating on WhatsApp before Diwali Last year which again she tweeted.

Prime Minister’s Office called it fake just a month back


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