Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on odd even plan for schools is fake

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A picture of a tweet uploaded by Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi about opening all the schools from June 1 on an odd and even basis is going quite viral on all social media platforms.

Claim: “Schools and colleges should reopen from 1st June on odd/even basis. Odd days teachers will come and even days, students will come.”




View it here


view it here.

You can view it here



The above-mentioned picture is said to be the original picture of the tweet. It could have been said that the tweet is true but got deleted, but on checking the entire profile and closely looking at the red flags, we found out that the tweet is fake was never really uploaded by Rahul Gandhi, himself. If you closely look at the post, you will see that it was posted by a Nokia E75 phone.

This is what Nokia E75 looks like in real It does not hold the required features to let someone tweet on Twitter like mentioned on the viral tweet image. This makes it clear that the image has been forged and that what it says it completely fake. It is merely an act of defaming him and trolling through the means of sarcasm. Apart from this, if we look at his profile, we will see that he has posted mostly all his tweets through iPhone as it clearly mentioned on most of them.

Apart from these reasons, we also found out that the tweet was uploaded on 22nd May. On checking is profile, we did not find this tweet on his wall on this particular date. Below mentioned are the tweets which he uploaded on his Twitter profile on that day.

Therefore, clearly suggests that this was not posted by Rahul Gandhi himself and the creation of this image was doctored to mock at him.









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