Is it SC Judge Sikri, Journalist Vinod Dua or someone else ?

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By now you might have observed the pattern of misuse of photos. When people despise something/someone, they dig up images/videos, photoshop it or use wrong captions to vent out their anger.

This photo is misused under two different names. Earlier it was used against journalist Vinod Dua and now against Supreme Court Judge Sikri.
Now using fake news against journalists is quite frequent and usual but why against a SC Judge ?

Judge Sikri announced the sale of ban of fire crackers in Delhi. So now he is the target. Don’t be amused if more photos or videos of his look alike etc comes up.

What one can draw from the image below is that Judge Sikri is close to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and passed this ban because of her which against sounds quite idiotic. 🙂

In case the above is deleted you can see it archived here

The following tweet by Sanjeev Goyal adds up a question mark too to mask it as a question, not a statement but then, look at the number of retweets and you will find the purpose.

In case the tweet is deleted you can click on the image below –

Following claimed him to be Journalist Vinod Dua

A popular handle – MediaCrooks –

A Self-claimed News Site – AwaazSamachar




The Photo is from Year 2008 and the person in the photo applying gulal to Sonia Gandhi was congressman Mr. KP Singh Deo

Also in Times Of India

Recently Mr. Vinod Dua himself made a video on this


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