When Swamy ji believes in Photoshop too !

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A photo of Rahul Gandhi saluting with left hand is viral. Although tweeted by a small handle, without many followers but the image is liked by and believed in by 600 and more people so they retweeted.

And the lot of Retweeters includes the politician too whose name makes others shiver, yes Mr. Subramnian Swamy.
He too liked and believed in the photo and retweeted it

In case above tweet is deleted, you can see the saved one here


It’s actually a edited photo, horizontally flipped, lateral inversion which makes it a mirror image.

Actual Photo –

You can see entire video i.e proof here – https://www.ndtv.com/video/news/news/rahul-gandhi-meets-pm-after-return-from-us-207999

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Spread the truth:

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