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Did this lyrebird take 62 days and 19 photographers? No, its a false claim.

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A video surfacing online on various social media platforms claims an Australian lyrebird to be Tamil Nadu’s Suraga bird which took 19 photographers and 62 days to get captured in a video.

“In Tamil, it is called Suraga bird. It costs Rs. 25,00000. It took 19 photographers 62 days to capture this video. Share the video of this unusual bird.” reads the claim (caption) added to the clip.


It was initially shared in 2019 and is found being viral once again on an assortment of platforms online, Facebook primarily.




On breaking this video into various keyframes and using them on Reverse Image Search, we found that this video was originally posted by a news portal back in October 2019. The video that they posted on their report and the one which is viral – are identical. You can read the report and watch the video here.

The above-mentioned is the original video of the bird. And this is what the image looks like in the viral video and the one originally posted:

The original video on this Youtube channel was posted in September. And the claim which states that it is a Tamil Nadu bird Suraga stands false through this search as it clearly mentioned that this is a Lyrebird from Australia.

Read it here.

NewsMobile got in touch with the photographer and found out that this bird is common in Adelaide and it took them just a few minutes to record this clip, unlike the viral claim which says that 19 photographers got involved and it took them 62 days to capture this. The clip shared by Kiran Bedi is a cropped version of the original video posted by ‘Four Finger Photography’ and is been going viral on social media with a false narrative.



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