How to sell handcrafted Hatred for profit !

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How to sell handcrafted Hatred for profit !
Ok, we all are disheartened by deaths of CRPF Jawans, something we didn’t expect.
The ones these pages claims also did condemn. So did these pages missed or his the truth deliberately ?

Apart from few mainstream politicians, a journalist, why did they include those few small timer college level politicians and no right wing politician in power ?
Because there is already a wave in country who hate them and these pages want to mint money out of it. Or are these pages beimg run by Right wingers ?
Were these people supposed to make a press confrence for this ? And the important point is, did they include any right wing minister’s name ?
If you scroll these pages, the stories might look very inspiring but they repeat same stories almost everyday, many fake ones, old ones claiming to be new.
They did succeed, got thousands of shares.
This article is about only this image, not defending people in Image.
– https://www.facebook.com/IndiaAriseNews/photos/a.1579809918927536.1073741828.1579414695633725/1782623488646177



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