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Images of an injured man from Uganda being shared to show Islamophobia in India

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A collage of two images in which an injured man can be seen claiming that this is the result of ‘Islamophobia in India’ is going viral on social media.

The collage was shared with a caption: ये महज एक मुसलमान पर वार नही है,इंसानियत पर वार है.. अगर आप किसी पर उसका धर्म देखकर हमला करते है या हमला होने पर खुश होते है तो आप इंसान नही आंतकवादी बन चुके हो… #islamophobia_In_India

Translation: “It is not just an attack on Muslims, it is an attack on humanity .. If you attack someone after seeing his religion or you are happy about it, then you are not a human, you have become a terrorist.” #islamophobia_In_India


Many others also shared the post with the same claim.



Using the reverse image search and that led us to the same image to be shared on several Sudanese pages clarifying that the images are from Uganda, as the images were also viral in the country.


Also there is no credible media organization has published these viral images claiming that these are from India.

This confirms that the images of an injured man from Uganda were being falsely shared to be from India claiming that the man was beaten due ‘Islamophobia’ in the country.





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Shweta Jamsandekar

An aspiring journalist from Symbiosis institute of media and communication.