A scene from a TV serial is used claiming an IPS officer is killed by ISISI Jehadis.

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A Post claiming an IPS officer is killed along with her husband by ISIS Jihadis in Kerala has been shared by more than 1200 people.

Text from the post –

IPS officer and husband were killed by ISIS jihadis in Kerala using modern capsule bomb..!!

What the commie government is doing there??
Is there no security even for an IPS officer??


Truth –

It’s difficult to find the reason behind this post, if that account posted this as satire or did it seriously to spread fake news.

Few commented on the post and debunked it there it self, Many laughed on it, many shared it with humor but then few believed in it too.

Further, since that Facebook ID also shared FakeNews, the post not being serious, cannot be denied.

The same ID also shared another #FakeNews –

This fake News above was debunked yesterday by SMHoaxSlayer –

Was it a naga sadhu beaten up by a mob ?

The Photo used has actors and the scene is from a Malyalam Serial “Parasparam”

This shows the blast in the end –


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