Fact Check: A viral image of Olympic medal for volunteers shared on social media is false.

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Photo of a ‘medal’ is viral which has ‘Volunteer’ in different languages, Swamsevak in Hindi, written on it claimed to be given to volunteers who helped in the event.

Claim: Volunteers at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics will be given medals with the word ‘volunteer’ written in several languages, including ‘swayamsevak’ in Hindi. Netzines on social media are saying this shows India’s stature in the world and how India  has attained a global position. The post was shared by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra on his Facebook page initially which he later deleted but it was forwarded by many on multiple social media sites.









The post went viral on FACEBOOK, TWITTER.




There was no official announcement on the Olympic website about the medals to be given to the volunteers. 

When the image was reverse searched,  it leads to a page on eBay selling the same medals for US $1.50 (around Rs 111).





The picture is of a ‘volunteer pin’ being sold on the e-commerce website ‘eBay’. So far, no such announcement regarding ‘volunteer medals’ has been made by the International Olympic Committee.

Deeksha Devadiga

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Deeksha Devadiga

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