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Old video of a BJP candidate Nomination in Kashmir is viral as celebration in Pakistan of BJP’s Victory.

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A video is viral showing women in veil singing and dancing while someone among the crowd is holding flag of BJP and a man is wearing mask of PM Modi. It’s claimed as a celebration of BJP’s victory in Pakistan.

“भाजपा की पाकिस्तान मे पहली शाखा खुल चुकी है । भारत मे तो अक्सर ग़द्दार भारतीय पाकिस्तानी झंडे लहराते रहे है पर आज तबियत ख़ुश हो गई ये दृश्य देखकर”

Translation: “First branch of BJP is opened in Pakistan, In India, many times traitor Indian;s wave Pakistani flag but feel so happy today on watching this scene”

Sunil Mohan Awasthi’s Facebook post had approx 700 shares till now

A Facebook Page Named Indian Warrior’s Post also had around 600 shares


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Chowkidar Kishor tyagi‘s tweet has 540 retweets



This same video was viral few days ago claimed as women in Baluchistan are thanking PM Modi, singing and wishing him a victory, while it’s actually BJP supporters accompanying BJP Candidate going to file nomination.

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) fielded Sofi Yousuf as candidate for Loksabha Elections 2019 from Anantnag, Kashmir and this video is from the event when he was going to file nomination.


Left is a screenshot from the viral video, while the right is from his twitter handle.

Official account of BJP Jammu & Kashmir tweeted a video from same event but different angle/time. You can see same people in same clothes. The guy shouting slogans in same Blue shirt and same guy wearing PM Modi’s mask


While the song etc are not understandable, you can clearly hear clear Hindi slogans by the man in the blue.

The man in Blue is shouting slogans –

सौफी साब कदम बढ़ाओ, हम तुम्हारे साथ हैं (Sofi Sir, move on, we are with you)
नरेंदर भाई कदम बढ़ाओ, हम तुम्हारे साथ हैं
अमित शाह जी कदम बढ़ाओ, हम तुम्हारे साथ हैं
The Man in Blue – जीत हमारी
Women- इंशाअल्लाह



Source: Navbharat Times

This same viral video was posted by a Facebook Page “Fast Kashmir” around 2 months ago.

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