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Viral video of a teacher brutally beating a student has been wrongly given a communal color.

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A video of a Teacher beating a student brutally has been viral last week on several social media platforms.

The video seems to have been taken by another student sitting on back bench who captured the incident.

But now the video is viral with a claim that the Teacher is a Christian and trashed a Hindu student for wearing Rudraksha.



Sudarshan News Channel’s official twitter handle tweeted –

तमिलनाडु के सरकारी स्कूल में इस हिंदू छात्र को इसलिए पीटा जा रहा है क्योंकि वह रुद्राक्ष पहने हुए था..!! ईसाई शिक्षक ने छात्र की क्रूरता से पिटाई की तथा स्कूल से भी भगा दिया..!!@mkstalin यही है आपकी सरकार का सेक्यूलरिज्म ? @BJP4TamilNadu @annamalai_k @Narayanan3
Translation: “A Government school Hindu student is being beaten because he has been wearing Rudraksha. Christian Teacher brutally trashed the student and evicted him from the school. M Stalin, is this your secularism?”


Suresh Chavhanke, CMD & Editor-in-Chief @SudarshanNewsTV tweeted – 

This Hindu student is being beaten up in a government school in Tamil Nadu because he was wearing “Rudraksha”..!! Christian teacher brutally beat up the student and also banished him from school..!!


, Sr. Journalist.. Producer in @SudarshanNewsTV ‘s tweet was retweeted by more than 4500 people. The tweet has been deleted but archived here








There is no communal angle involved, the teacher, Mr. Subramnian trashed the student for skipping the class.

“A government school teacher who meted out corporal punishment to a class 12 student, for skipping classes, was arrested and remanded, police said on Saturday.

A video of the teacher flogging the student and repeatedly kicking him went viral on social media. The video showed the teacher holding the boy’s hair and thrashing and kicking him in front of his classmates, one of whom reportedly took the video without the teacher’s knowledge. The student, who was pinned to the floor on his knees, can be seen pleading and sobbing. The 56-year-old teacher was arrested on Friday and remanded.

Confirming the arrest of the teacher Subramaniam, a senior police official told PTI that cases under sections 294 (obscene act), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), Juvenile Justice Act and Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act have been booked against the Physics teacher.

“He was arrested following a complaint by the 17-year-old affected student of the Government Nandanar Boys Higher Secondary School in Chidambaram. Further investigation is on,” the official added.

The student sustained injuries and has been admitted to the government hospital. Police said the teacher went overboard as the student had skipped classes.” – Express Chennai


ANI Reported

More Sources – TimesNow Zee5 NDTV

Further, we searched and found a similar Incident which is not yet confirmed. It says a Christian teacher, Mr. Joyson, CSI Anderson School in Kanchipuram, humiliated students for wearing Rudraksha, against which student’s parents wrote a letter to the CM.

Kovai Sathyan, AIADMK Spokesperson , IT wing zonal secretary-Chennai, tweeted the letter condemning the act by Teacher Jayson.

We used Google Lens to Translate the Tamil language to English and this is what we found (We can not confirm the translation by Google but it does give an idea of the incident though) –


In Summary, the brutal beating viral video doesn’t have any communal angle.

Sudarshan News have been found spreading misinformation few times earlier too



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