A passenger plane really flew under the bridge, brushing the river ?

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A video is viral showing a passenger plane dived down on a river, passed under a bridge and safely came out splashing the water of the river. Also in the audio (probably Spanish) people can be heard shouting.





The Video is fake, edited by adding a plane digitally to a real video.

Everything in the video is real except for the plane. It’s been added digitally where the artist claims to have used “liquid motion”.

The video is taken at Pina, Brazil. The company which created this video also belongs to Brazil.

This was done by Vertice Treinamentos.

In the screenshot, The second image marked “1” was posted first in the description of which the person who posted said, he/she will explain the process in the next video.


In the two videos he/she explained how they added a digitally created video using Liquid Motion technology with plane flying, diving, touching river and then flying away. Also used in the video is the shape part of the bridge under which the plane has to be flown digitally.

Below are the screenshots from the two videos –


They have posted many such edited but interesting videos earlier –

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