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Was “Lollypop lagelu” played in London during World Cup ?

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A video is viral showing foreigners dancing to the music of a Bhojpuri Song “Lollypop Lagelu” behind a truck with a man waving Indian flag, with video claimed to be from London while World Cup is being played.

“लो करवा लो वर्ल्ड कप लंदन में







Although the video is genuine, not doctored, the claim is wrong. It’s not from London. This video is part of a celebration in Berlin – Carnival of Cultures, where many other bollywood songs were also played, and different cultures from different countries also participated.

There had been no such rally reported in London in last few days, as yet.

The image on left is a screenshot from the viral video while the image on right is a screenshot from Berlin Carnival of Cultures. Although take by different people, so different angle, you can see the similarities.

The banner on top behind the flag with Text “BERLININDIAWAALE”, the color of the T-Shirt of the man waving the flag, the umbrellas used for decoration on both the sides of the truck


“BERLIN INDIA WAALE” written on the banner written on the banners clears also.

Watch from 2.56 in the video below


Fronview of the truck

Side View of the truck


Other Cultures

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