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No, the Indian Air Force did not rescue the bird stuck in fence. The video is from USA, and of 2013

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Claim: “দেখুন কীভাবে বৈদ্যূতিক তারে আঁটকে থাকা একটি পাখিকে উদ্ধার করল ভারতীয় বায়ুসেনা”

Translation: “See how the Indian Air Force rescued a bird stuck to the fence.”

A video has gone viral claiming that the Indian Air Force rescued a bird stuck to a fence. The video has been shared widely over social media.


The particular post has over 25000 views and 346 shares.


While this post has over 18000 views and 228 shares.


A lot of people shared the video,



The same video was shared extensively on Twitter, in February 2020, with the claims that the people called a helicopter to save the bird in Surat.




Upon doing a Google Reverse Image Search of the screenshots acquired from the video, we found that the video is actually from Virginia, USA, and found that it is from 2013. 

The video is actually of the seagull rescued by the helicopter, according to the report the seagull had been stuck in the fence for 24 hours.

Mirror UK had reported it, with the headline, ‘Seagull rescued by helicopter- amazing video shows heroic feat’. The article was published on 26 Sept, 2013.


The video had gone viral, in 2017 as well, with the same claims, where fact-checked proved it to be false.


Do we really need lies to respect our Army ? Don’t we already ?

Hence, it is established that the video is not of the Indian Air Force rescuing the bird. It is to be noted that the video is from the United States where the seagull was rescued and the incident is from 2013. The viral claims are absolutely false. 

Rhea Binoy

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