Villagers of Bihar didn’t erect warning sign board of ‘Break the legs of BJP members’

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A signboard is circulating on social media that entry of the BJP members is restricted in Ugna Jagdishpur village, Bhojpur. It states that they will break the legs of the BJP members. 








The viral photo is old and the text ‘break the legs if they enter’ is added digitally.

The photo is edited with different villages namely Bhojpur and Kankarwa.

While doing a reverse image search, we received several results of the article from where the photo is modified. The hoarding is from the Kachera village, Greater Noida. The hoarding was erected to reflect the frustration of the land acquisition in Kachera Village. The land was acquired by MP Mahesh Sharma five years ago. 

As reported by Indian Express on April 5, 2019, “A board that reads ‘BJP members not allowed’ greets visitors at Greater Noida’s Kachera village, which was adopted by sitting Gautam Budh Nagar MP Mahesh Sharma almost five years ago. While the board was put up last October, to reflect the residents’ frustrations over land acquisition, locals say it will likely become a poll issue when the constituency votes on April 11.”


It was also published by Times of India on October 29, 2018. National Herald also published the same article on October 30, 2018. As reported by National Herald, “the board was put up on Sunday, October 28, after officials from the local administration and employees of a realty group allegedly destroyed a farmer’s crop.”

The photoshopped image was edited by saying that the legs of the BJP members will be broken if they try to enter the village. Whereas, the actual board put outside the Kachera village in Greater Noida says that the BJP members are not allowed to enter as the MP Mahesh Sharma procured the land of the farmers.


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Disha Palkhiwala

Student of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune