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An image is falsely claimed to be terrorist in Women clothes from India.

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An image of men dressed in women outfits is widely shared. The image is viral with a claim that the person dressed in women clothing is a terrorist caught in the rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party  (BJP).  The image was shared by numerous users claims,

हर घर से खाग्रेस काल मे अफजल निकलेगा  सुना तो था  परंतु भाजपा शासन में ***का ऐसे निकलेगा ये नही पता था“.

It translates, “We were told that Afzal will come out from every house during Congress rule but we haven’t thought that it will come out in such a manner during the rule of BJP”.







 The men dressed in women outfits are not a terrorist from India and the news is Nine years old.

The men in women clothes are Taliban militants dressed in Afghan women dresses.

We carried out a reverse image search and the results received were various articles from foreign publications with a similar image. The article was published in 2012. The article says that Afghan security forces escort Taliban militants dressed in Afghan women dress.

The Atlantic has published an article in March 28, 2012.

Even the daily mail UK published the same article titled, ” Meet the Taliban transvestites: Rebels are captured dressed in drag”.

The same articles were published by Outlook India and Mirror UK in 2012. Mirror UK captions the photo as, “Dude looks like a lady: Taliban rebels were captured wearing drag”. Both the publications used the AP image.

Evidently, the image shared was from March 2012. Netizens currently shared with the misleading context. The claim is false that they are terrorists from India.

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Disha Palkhiwala

Student of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune