Morphed poster is viral, thanking PM Modi for winning medal by Mirabai Chanu in Tokyo Olympics

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An image of the poster thanking PM Narendra Modi for honouring a medal to Mirabai Chanu in the Tokyo Olympics. The poster is viral on social media. The poster comes after the glorious win by Mirabai Chanu in women’s 49kg weight lifting.

The tweet states,

पीछे की फोटो देखिए और जो लिखा है एक बार पढ़िए, मेडल मीरा बाई चानू मेहनत कर के लाई है, या मोदी जी ने दिलाया है ? वाह मोदी जी वाह”.

Translation: “Look at the back photo and read once what is written, Meera Bai Chanu has brought the medal by working hard, or Modi Ji has given it? wow Modi Ji wow”. 


Tweet from Jayant Chaudhary, National President, Rashtriya Lokdal.

He posted the tweet and apologized for the fake news in the reply.






The viral image is edited. The text added between Hindi and English language is edited.

We performed a reverse image search on the viral image and came across various articles from different media houses. DD News wrote an article on Chanu’s win on the first day of the Olympics.

The same image was viewed on the News 18 article to felicitate Mirabai Chanu.

We came across the Press release from Press International Bureau (PIB) on Chanu’s win with further search.



Evidently, the photo is edited with the text. On comparing the two images, we found significant editing of text in both. The original image does not contain the text thanking Modi Ji. While the viral image contains the text in Hindi.

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Disha Palkhiwala

Student of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune