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Usual WhatsApp scam, this time viral in the name of TikTok

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A message is viral on WhatsApp thanking you for making TikTok, India’s Number One application and celebrating completion of 50 crore users, it’s giving out T-Shirts for free. It has given a link where you need to register. It also says the offer is only till 30th June so place the order quickly.

The viral Message –

“Tik Tok को भारत का नंबर 1 एप्लीकेशन बनाने के लिए आप सभी का धन्यबाद, TIK TOK के 50 करोड़ यूजर पुरे होने की ख़ुशी में TIK TOK आप सभी को दे रहा है फ्री TIK TOK प्रिंट टीशर्ट तो निचे लिंक पर क्लिक करके अपनी फ्री टीशर्ट आर्डर करे।

क्रप्या ध्यान दे: 🙏 यह ऑफर केवल 30 जून तक ही सिमित है इसलिए जल्दी अपनी फ्री टीशर्ट आर्डर करे.”



The domain name has just been created yesterday


According to the usual scam methodology, this also is asking you to share this in 10 WhatsApp groups



These are WhatsApp scams i.e. the only medium these spread on and use is WhatsApp medium, not on FB, Twitter etc.

These scams earns from two methods

1. Since offers doesn’t ask people to pay up, being free, they think of giving it a try so they fill the form, submit and share in other WhatsApp groups as this scam asks. Further in other groups, others also give it a try which results in lakhs of registration on the site.

So the owner of website gets a database of lakhs of mobile numbers which he\she can sell for tele-marketing and you start receiving such calls e.g. Isurance, Finance, Loans etc.

2. Advertisement (Banner) on their page which gets lakhs of visits in short period through which also owner of the page/site earns a lot.

What can you do ?

Following are the points to recognize these scams

1. The URL/website is never official or simple. Government websites end by “.gov”. Many offers come in the name of a online mall like Amazon, Flipkart or brands like Nike, Xiaomi etc, but none have link to their official websites but to long complicated URL with many characters.

2. After filling out your information and submitting, these sites ask you to share in 8-10 other WhatsApp groups

3. These have advertisements banners on their page

4. Either they do not have links to other pages of site or doesn’t work for e.g. About Us, Privacy etc.

5. Looking closely results in many spelling errors or grammatical errors.

6. They look alike i.e. vertical in both mode i.e. mobile and desktop

Previous such Scams debunked –

BEWARE! Many old WhatsApp scams floating around under new names and offers.

Another WhatsApp Scam. PM is not giving away laptops for free


WhatsApp scam in the name of unemployment compensation.

This WhatsApp Scam is not getting you any free Solar Panel.

Yet another Whatsapp scam, this time in the name Paytm cash

Yet another WhatsApp scam, this time in the name of free t-shirt from Reliance Jio

No, you won’t get the bag but they will get the money.

WhatsApp Scam in name of JIO DTH 

Yet another WhatsApp scam !

It’s a TeleMarketing Scam. You can’t extend JIO offer with this.

A WhatsApp Scam back again, misusing photo of our PM as usual.

Yet another WhatsApp scam using PM’s photo.

You can’t get in KBC this way. Another WhatsApp Scam.

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