Yet another Whatsapp scam, this time in the name Paytm cash

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A message is viral on WhatsApp which lures you into giving your phone number. It is falsely promising Rs 1000 PayTM cash.

The message reads

“Market me naya Offer Aaya Hai Dekho””

Translation:“See, there’s a new offer in the market.”

Clicking on the link given leads you to another URL “”

The server is located in Singapore

The man/firm which bought this domain already has more than 100 domains


The owners of these websites earn through following ways:

  1. The mobiles numbers are sold for telemarketing.
  2. The clicks on the link generate website traffic and more hits on the advertisements. This in turn, attracts more advertisements.

It asks for you mobile number which is used for telemarketing and the website traffic attracts a lot of traffic. This attracts advertisers as the advertisements have a higher count of views.

This has nothing to do with the PayTM website or application.

After you open the link, you are asked a set of questions. No matter what your answers are, you are redirected to a window that says all the answers are correct and asks for your name and mobile number (this is used for telemarketing).


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