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No, Amit Shah didn’t sleep in the Parliament as viral tweets claim.

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Few tweets have been retweeted numerous times which shows a photo of Amit Shah sitting next to Ravi Shankar Prasad delivering speech claiming Amit Shah is taking a nap comparing it to recent news of Rahul Gandhi scrolling through his mobile while President Kovind’s speech was going on.

Bose Shruti, a Congress supporter’s tweet had more than 1000 retweets

She tweeted – “Levels of hypocrisy of bhakts : unmatched! using his phone is a problem but then sleeping is not!”


Others –



This came after a recent event where Rahul Gandhi was found scrolling through his mobile while President Kovind was delivering the speech.


The photo used in all the viral tweets above is a screenshot from a 5 month old video. Ravishankar Prasad was delivering a speech on 10% quota for poor across all religions


The Viral image is taken from the Rajya Sabha video below –


The viral photo is cropped and doesn’t show the part below the white scrolling bar.

At 17:30 you can see, Amit Shah picks up a book/points and reading it and is not asleep.

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