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A man offering Namaz on a busy road in Malasiya is viral

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A video is viral showing a man offering namaz standing alone in the middle of a busy road.

Posted on Facebook by “Govind Maheshwari”, has been shared by 6000 people, seen by approx 3.5 Lakh people

A handle by name “Pusphendra Kulshrestha” tweeted the video and has Pinned at top on his timeline which till now has been retweeted approx 3200 times.

“इस विडियो को गौर से देखें… क्या यह दंगा कराने के मकसद से नमाज नहीं पढ़ रहा😡

Translation: “Look at this video in detail. Isn’t he offering Namaz with intention of causing riots ?”


Viral on Facebook

The following post by Govind Maheshwari has been shared by 6000 people, seen by approx 3.5 Lakh people





The video is not from India.

This video was viral in India in December 2018 too. Many claimed this to be stupid and idiotic, others claiming this to be a crime as it endangers lives and may cause traffic issues.

As far as we could trace this video was first tweeted on 12th Dec 2018 by “” which was retweeted more than 10,000 times

Liputan6 is an Indonesian Media which reported the same video claiming to be from Malaysia

Further, looking at the Video closely, we found more proofs

We checked out the details on the advertising hoarding on other side of the road


1. The Language is Malaya, spoken in Malasiya. The word in the middle “PERDAGANGAN” means “Trading” in English

2. The Number given is also of a Estate/Construction company SCLand

3. The logo on the billboard under other details also matches SCLand Company’s logo


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