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A cropped video of CM Uddhav Thackeray is viral with a misleading claim.

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Yet another case of “नरो वा कुजरों वा”. Like many times before, another complete speech is trimmed and smaller trimmed video clip is made viral to change the meaning of the entire speech.

A speech of Maharsatra CM Uddhav Thackrey about Coronavirus Lockdown has been cut in the end and made viral on communal lines, changing the context from original speech.

On 24th May, ABP Marathi channel uploaded a 5 minute segment of a video uploaded by YouTube channel of Shiv Sena in which CM Uddhav Thackeray is addressing the people of Maharashtra regarding the entire covid pandemic situation as well as urges people to comply with rules and lockdown.  A short segment of the same video has become viral on social media with misleading claims.


A video of CM Uddhav Thackeray has gone viral with the claim he asked christian missionaries to pray to Lord Jesus to end this covid pandemic. This 21 minutes video clip has gone viral with different captions. In the clip he is saying “Christians pray to Jesus Christ, and everyone pray that as soon as possible we can destroy the crisis that has engulfed this world and let us live a happy and healthy life again! Jai hind! Jai Maharashtra!”


The following video is viral on Facebook with the caption- Maharashtra CM shri Uddhav Thakre Appealed Christians to pray Lord Jesus christ for healing from Corona virus 


The following video was uploaded on 26th May by a Facebook page “Darkness to Life” and has over 12k views and 354 shares.


This video was uploaded by a Facebook user named ‘प्रेरित प्रकाश लोकरे’ (Prerit Prakash Lokre) on 26th May and has garnered over 17k views and 516 shares.




The following clip was also forwarded on Whatsapp.


The claim is misleading. CM Uddhav Thackeray in his address asked not only Christians but people of all religious faiths to pray to their Gods.

On 24th May the youtube channel of Shiv Sena uploaded a video of CM Uddhav Thackeray where he addressed the citizens of Maharashtra regarding the covid pandemic and lockdown. He urged people to wear masks and carry sanitizers. He also acknowleged the hardwork of doctors and nurses. In the 43:30 minutes long video, towards the end of the video (43:00 minutes) CM says,”everyone pray to your god, Muslims to Allah, Christians to Jesus, and everyone pray that as soon as possible we can destroy the crisis that has engulfed this world and let us live a happy and healthy life again. Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!”

Here is the link of the 5 minute video uploaded by ABP Marathi.

The twitter handle of CM also tweeted regarding the address and in the tweet people of all faiths have been mentioned.

Hence the video is being shared with misleading claim that CM urged only people of a particular community to pray to their God. This fake story was also busted by Boomlive.




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