Two sisters jumped to death but not in India, not because of Blue Whale

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A shocking Video is viral, now even being forwarded on WhatsApp which shows a girl already lying dead on the ground and another jumping from balcony ending up dead next to her sister.

This is being forwarded on WhatsApp claiming to be from India and both sisters killed themselves because of very popular alleged fatal game – Blue Whale.


Actually the video is genuine and from July 2017 but the place and reason is different.
0The Video is from Indonesia and the girls were suffering psychological disprders

During police questioning, the two victims’ 39-year-old brother said of his two sisters had suffered psychological disorders for eight years. They were once treated at mental health clinic Penuai Indonesia Foundation, Bogor.

“They had mental health problems since 2006, when their mother passed away,” said Bandung Police chief Sr. Comr. Hendro Pandowo, quoting the victims’ brother.  – The Jakarta Post

Sisters, Elviana Parubak, 34, and Eva Septiany Parubak, 28, chose such a sad way to go. They both committed suicide by jumping off their 5th-floor apartment within minutes of each other.

Elviana, the older sister, was the first one to jump, though it was not captured on camera. Then Eva jumped five minutes later. Both sisters died on impact. The video starts with the body of Elviana on the floor while passers by looked on curiously. Soon after, people start screaming and the camera focuses on Eva, standing precariously on the balcony of their apartment in Bandung, Indonesia. Despite efforts to discourage her from jumping, she lets go of the balustrade and falls, landing beside her sister’s body.

Local news reported that both sisters suffered from severe depression after the death of their mother in 2006.

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