BJP goons did not attack a Muslim youth in Madhya Pradesh during lockdown.

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A video has been circulating on social media that allegedly shows BJP supporters harassing a Muslim man in Madhya Pradesh in the name of the pandemic lockdown put in place.

Viral Post Text: মধ্যপ্রদেশে লক ডাউনের নামে বিজেপির গুন্ডা বাহিনী এক মুসলিম যুবকে কেমন ভাবে অত্যাচার করছে দেখুন ।।

Translation: “See how the BJP goons are torturing a Muslim youth in the name of lock down in Madhya Pradesh.”


On the social media platform, the video was shared about 14,000 times in the span of a week. It was initially posted by user that identified himself as Safi Mallick and as the Nadia District Media Coordinator.


The Bengali caption reads: “In the name of lockdown, in Madhya Pradesh, BJP goons assumed the man to be Muslim and tortured him.



A simple Google Reverse Image search reveals that the the video initially reported by NDTV in an article on 18th April showed a sanitation worker being harassed by people. The article was reported  by Anurag Dwary. The reporter had published the video on his Twitter handle as well.

The entire article can be found here.



The Indian Express also reported on the incident. A screenshot  of the  same is  as follows and the full article be found here.


According to the reports, three sanitation workers were being severely abused in the Khategaon area of Madhya Pradesh on the 17th of April. The main accused by the name of Aadhil Khan has since then been arrested by the police.

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