Trimmed clip of a comedy program is viral as real, claimed as a ‘Miyan’ mistook a thermal scanner for a gun.

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CMD & Editor-in-Chief, Sudarshan News, Suresh Chavanke tweeted a trimmed video from a comedy program with following text –
हाहाहा 😆 थर्मल स्कैनिंग वाली मशीन को मियां जी ने समझा पुलिस की पिस्टल…
Translation: “ha ha ha, Miyan mistook the thermal scanning machine as a Police pistol”

His tweet has been retweeted for more than 3000 times by now.


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The viral video is trimmed from a 7 minute comedy episode by a African Comedian who uploaded this 2 days ago,

He runs a comedy channel by Name ‘Bahali Yake’

Here is the video uploaded two days ago on the same YouTube Channel

You can see the trimmed version in this video from 4:05 minutes

Video title (Swahili) : “Bahali yake akataa kupimwa na mwishowe akalazimishwa”
Google Translation:
“His fortune refused to be tested and was eventually forced”

The comedian’s name is Hussein Yussuf a.k.a Wariah Bahali yake 


Vioja Mahakamani actor Wariah Bahali Yake excites Kenyans online with his amazing transformation 2 years ago by  Douglas Mwarua

– Vioja Mahakamani actor Wariah Bahali Yake has left throngs of lasses drooling over him with his amazing transformation

– Wariah started off as a thin actor ,but today he boasts of a great body after hitting the gym

– Going through Yussuf’s social media accounts, could not help but realize that he is a ladies’ magnet

Super talented Kenyan actor and comedian Hussein Yussuf a.k.a Wariah Bahali yake is not a new name in the Kenya’s entertainment circle. Yussuf who is one of the witty comedians in the country has played countless roles in numerous local productions including KTN’s Daktari, Jungu Kuu which airs on K24, Vioja Mahakamani and Ngumbaru School,among others. Read more:


It’s not new

Suresh Chavanke, The CMD of Sudarshan is not new with Fake News, one he tweeted two days ago, the last years too


Telangana Govt has not distributed Ramazan gifts this year due to COVID-19. The photo used is 5 years old.


That viral video of a mob with swords is not from Bhopal, nor are they shouting against RSS.


Sudarshan TV uses a photo of Bangladeshi activists of 2014 as Rohingya Criminals of 2017


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