Old images of saffron clad women drinking beer circulated with false connection to BJP

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A viral post is doing the rounds on social media that shows two women wearing saffron salwar kameez sipping beer. This image is being spread along with the caption: “अंधभक्तो की दीदी ۔۔ठेके खुलते ही बीजेपी नेत्री का पहला रुझान आया धन्यवाद मोदी जी ठेके खुलवाने के लिए \”

The translation of the post is as follows: “A woman BJP leader sums up the trend as liquor shops opened. Thank you Modi ji for opening the liquor shops.”



The post has garnered a lot of attention of Facebook with multiple posts being put up regarding the same.








After  a simple Google reverse image search, it was found that  the same image was circulated back in July 2019 under  the  caption: “कावड यात्रा पर निकली साधुयी | रास्ते मे सोम रस पिते हुई..!! किंगफिशर ब्रांडेड … अब कोई यह मत कहना कि बियर पी रही हैं

The translation is as follows: “Female monks on Kanwar yatra drinking alcohol. Kingfisher brand. Come on, now don’t say that this is beer.”

The link to the tweets can be found here and the screenshots are attached below:



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