OMG! Is that Police ringing the bell because of a WhatsApp feature ?

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OMG! Is that Police ringing the bell ? Came to arrest me because of new WhatsApp feature?

Don’t hide under the bed yet!

This image claiming to be upcoming features in WhatsApp is viral again.

The existing feature is ticks,

1 Grey tick that it has been sent,

2 Grey ticks means it’s delivered

2 Blue tickets it’s been read by the receiver.

This image has added three further steps

2 blue and 1 Grey means it’s still to be read by Government

3 Blue ticks means it’s been read by Government and found OK

2 Blue and 1 Red ticks means it’s been read by government and not found OK and you are gonna be arrested.

This was posted in entertainment section way back in 2015 on internet 

After introduction of ticks by whatsapp, sent, delivered, read, someone used his imagination to go further and add that Gov jas read this, giving you a chance, police coming to arrest.

This is fake, was posted in 2015, 2 years over, nothing yet.

This was also posted in 2015 on a website ScoopWhoop in Humor Section


But yes, Varanasi HC court has delivered a verdict that the admin of WhatsApp or Facebook Groups can be caught if a member posts a fake or obscene message/photo, but in that case a member needs to file a complaint and the proof on his mobile will be used.


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