Traffic Fines not yet hiked.

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Tomorrow Never Dies !

This is viral on WhatsApp claiming ‘Tomorrow’ the fines will be increased heavily. This has been in circulation since February but that ‘Tomorrow’ hasn’t arrived yet.

– No session in 21st Feb as this message claims.

– Fee amounts written in message are wrong, much more that the ones provided in the link.

– Official RTO website Fine page hasn’t changed yet, same old Fee.

– Confirmed with 2 Traffic cops in two different localities with same set of questions, same tried received.
The proposal was passed in August 2016 but it has not been implemented yet.
Personal Opinion: Wish this is implemented fast. Mere Rs. 200 for breaking signal is very low, especially with mentality ki “kya hua, pakda 50 rupye me kaam ho jayega“, this is mutual corruption.
With heavy fines, people will think twice and won’t break the rules.
And I’d me quite happy as till now people looked at me weirdly as if I mistake when I slow down on Orange light. For people Orange is to step on accelerator and cross quick before it turns red.

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