LG,Deputy CM and Delhi police clarifies about no ban on Azaan after viral video of policemen surfaces.

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A video of two policemen arguing with locals is viral on all social media platforms with the following message “दिल्ली किराड़ी में रमज़ान में सभी मस्जिदो में आजान नही देने का फरमान पुलिस ने कहा LG साहब का ऑर्डर है”  which translates Lieutenant Governor of Delhi ordered police for not giving permission of azaan to all mosques in Ramzan in Delhi.

Claim: The video claims to be of the Kiradi area in Delhi where two policemen argued with the locals that Azaan is not allowed in mosques if Delhi.










After this video went viral the deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia clarified on his official twitter account that there is no restriction on azaan. In the lockdown, there is a complete ban on assembly of people for prayers in mosques or at any other religious places.


Many media houses also carried out the version of deputy chief minister Manish Sisodiya in this regard.


Even the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi and Delhi Police also clarified on their official twitter handles regarding this rumor of Ban on Azaan in mosques.


Therefore in our investigation, it was found that the claims made in the viral video regarding the ban on azaan were found to be false.

Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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