OMG! A 1.5 Km long bridge imported from Vietnam to Raigarh along with River ?

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A bridge imported from Vietnam to Raigarh along with River !
Yesterday Rajesh Munat, BJP MLA, Raigarh, Chattishgarh posted photo of a bridge built under his tenure which actually is Cầu Cổ Chiên , Vietnam.

He claimed it to be a bridge built between Raigarh & Lamardaha on River Kelo.
The photo used is fake, it’s of Cầu Cổ Chiên, Photo posted on official site in Year 2016

And the Irony is, he added even his website (rajeshmunat.in) as watermark on the image (red rectangle) as if it really is his work.

This fake photo has become a regular lie now a days and given the frequent use. When someone claims an achievement, why can’t he/she show THE achievement ? Photos can be taken even by Mobile too. Why do they need to use some fake/foreign photo for credit ?

He deleted his post later – https://www.facebook.com/RajeshMunat/photos/a.722111731138057.1073741828.716867931662437/1818620798153806

You can find more sources here –


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