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This video showing DTC personnel from Delhi bus, complaining about lack of social distancing is not from May

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Claim: A video was shared on social media platforms by multiple users as well as official handle of BJP Delhi which shows a person complaining about lack of social distancing in a bus in Delhi. The post claims that this is a recent video from May and takes a dig at Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for easing down the lockdown.

This is followed after Kejriwal announced on 18th May 2020, that bus services in the capital will resume but only 20 passengers will be allowed at a time, with reason that the country and the government has to slowly start moving and address the economy instability amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, a man who is standing in a crowded bus can be seen asking who will be held accountable if they get infected.

However, the video surfacing is from March and not linked with Kejriwal easing down the lockdown in Delhi.


BJP Delhi’s official twitter handle tweeted the following on 19th May 2020, which gained more than 1,300 times. The caption read, “केजरीवाल जी, आपने तो कहा था कि आप सुनिश्चित करेंगे कि बस में 20 से ज़्यादा लोग एक समय में यात्रा ना करें। क्यों लोगों को मरवाना चाहते हो मुख्यमंत्री जी, जवाब दो! ये कैसा मुख्यमंत्री है जिसे जनता की जान की कोई फ़िक्र ही नहीं है!”

Translated to English, “Kejriwal, you have said that you will ensure that more than 20 people do not travel in the bus at one time. Why do you want to kill people, Chief Minister, answer! What kind of Chief Minister is this, who does not care about the lives of the people!”

The tweet has been archived here.

Even West Delhi BJP MP Parvesh Singh Sahib tweeted the video calling out the Delhi Chief Minister. His tweet was retweeted more than 6,700 times.

The tweet has been archived here.

Congress leader Ajay Maken also tweeted about the same video with caption, “Results were obvious today. Stranded passengers at DTC stops & the buses full. With COVID19 already breaking records, day after day-Now  social distancing for a toss- Guess what’s in store!”

The tweet has been archived here.

Twitter users started sharing the tweet in support of the BJP with same misleading claims.


The video was also posted on Facebook by the BJP Delhi handle with the same caption. Soon, people started sharing the post.




Under the BJP’s tweet a Delhi based journalist called Jatin Anand had replied that this video was posted on Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) Karamchari Ekta Union’s WhatsApp group on March 27, 2020. He also tweeted the proof, a screenshot from the old chat.


The tweet has been archived here.

Alt news had a conversation with the President of DTC Karamchari Ekta Union, Manoj Sharma. He said, “The man in the video is a Delhi Civil Defence personnel and the people in the video are migrants who are being transported to Anand Vihar ISBT. The video is from March.”

Hence, it is confirmed that the video attached to these misleading claims is not from May but from March and not linked to the recent announcement to ease the lockdown by the Delhi government.


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