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No, PM Modi is not becoming the chairperson of World Health Organisation

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Claim: “मोदी जी बने विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन WHO के चेयरमैन।
WHO की बागडोर 22 मई से भारत के हाथों मे.. समस्त भारतीयों के लिए गौरवपूर्ण क्षण,
बधाई रुकनी नही चाहिए”

Translation: “Modiji has become the new chairman of World Health Organisation, the control of WHO in India’s hand from 22nd May, proud moment for Indians.”

A post is going viral on social media claiming that PM Narendra Modi is the new chairperson of the World Health Organisation and that India will take over.


This particular post has been shared over 1.2K times.



Soon, a lot of people started posting the claim,






Upon doing a keyword search of the same, we found media reports of India getting a lead postition at the World Health Organisation next month amid the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the report by Hindustan Times, India will assume charge as chairperson of the World Health Organisation from May 22

India replaces Japan which will complete its one-year-term at the crucial job in May, the report said. The report also said that the chairperson’s position will come to India was decided last year when the WHO’s South-East Asia group unanimously proposed New Delhi to the executive board for a three-year term.

The group also nominated India for the chairperson’s post held by rotation for one year among regional groups.




Live Mint also reported the news,



Further reports followed that Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan will take over as the chairperson of the Executive Board, at World Health Organisation. 

PTI reports confirmed the same,




He will replace Dr. Hiroki Nakatani, who is a professor, and an advisor for international affairs to Japan’s health minister.



The report by Hindustan Times, also said that Dr. Harsh Vardhan will continue in the executive board after one-year term as chairman ends will also have a say in short-listing the next WHO director-general when Tedros Adhanom’s five-year tenure ends in 2021.


A news report by the NDTV says India is set to take over the chairmanship of the Executive Board amid growing calls, including by US President Donald Trump, to investigate how the coronavirus originated in China”s Wuhan city and subsequent action by Beijing.


As far as the viral claims of India taking control of the work of the World Health Organisation, it is also not true.

India will take over the chairmanship of the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation. The Executive Board consists of 32 members, elected for three-year terms, and meets twice each year. The board advises, facilitates, and gives direction to the decisions and policies of the World Health Assembly, while the World Health Assembly is charged with establishing policies for the Organization, as well as approving the programme budget and appointing the Director-General and remains supreme decision-making body for WHO. 





Hence, it is established that PM Narendra Modi is NOT taking over as the World Health Organisation chairman, and neither is India is taking control of the work of the World Health Organisation. The claims are absolutely false. 

It is to be noted that India is taking over as the chairperson of the Executive Board of WHO, and Dr. Harsh Vardhan is set to be the WHO chairperson of the Executive Board.


Rhea Binoy

Spread the truth:

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