A Couple beaten up brutally. Yogi effect or Akhilesh effect ?

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A Couple beaten up brutally. Yogi effect or Akhilesh effect ?

This particular Video of goon wearing saffron beating a couple on roadside is true but is 2 months old.i.e. 12th Feb 2017. Could be even more older.

You may ask what difference does only 2 months make ?

Well, the government changed, CM too.

The truths ofcourse are

1. It’s pathetic action to beat up two friends walking together.

2. Yes, the goon did wear saffron.

3. Yes It’s Uttar Pradesh, somewhere around Varanasi as the Bike number plate says “UP65”

What’s wrong is

– It’s not BJP Government but SP’s

– CM was not a Yogi Adityanath but Akhilesh Yadav.

Yes It’s very unfortunate, shameful whoever did it, but using an old video to blame current Government is also wrong.
Misleading: https://twitter.com/ThatOldDon/status/848786766656020481

Truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOZbmkB7f_A

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