Do you doubt your existence ?

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Do you doubt your existence ? Do you need to prove it through Facebook/WhatsApp ?

Time and again you come across messages which asks you to share or forward with such challenging quotes

– If you have humanity in you ( check yourself in mirror)

– if you are a true Hindu/Muslim (or any religion)

– if you are a true Indian (you did buy a flag for your car on 15th Aug, didn’t you?)

Infact such posts have a higher challange too – “Paid media will never show this, if you are a true Indian, you must share this”
Now you need to prove your patriotism by forwarding such messages, don’t you ?
Actually, such messages/posts are either for promotion of certain pages, sites for money or to brainwash, mostly are based on religion or politics.
You are living in a cocoon, not allowing outer light. If you like a celebrity, a politician, whoever sends you praising him, you consider it as truth and if someone says against it, you think of it as wrong, without checking the facts.

You may end up loosing money or even be a participant in inciting riots subsequently killing of innocents.

I request you all, not just to believe your eyes, but use brain, check facts before hitting that share or forward button, it will help you and country too. Jai Hind

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Hoax Slayer

Spread the truth:

Hoax Slayer

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